How to double your Money overnight

Let me tell you about the game of Double Flip

Brandon Gott
2 min readFeb 9, 2020


Need Money fast? Do you like investing, but do not know where to start? Do you need to make some extra cash for a purchase. I can tell you an easy way to start building wealth without having to take on extra debt.

I hate when people say “it takes money to make money.” Well it usually does apply; however it does not take a lot of money to start making money.

Here’s how I have done it. My game is called Double Flip. The goal of the game is to simply flip an item and make double off of it. Usually when people get into the flipping game they think they need to start big like buy something fix it up and make a large profit margin. The problem is that the more expensive an item is it is harder to double your investment. The secret is in the item!

For instance let’s start with a pack of gum. If you buy 20 packs of gum from the store for $10 your goal is to make $20 off of that purchase. The idea is rather simple, but we often get greedy and want to make even more. Anyone will gladly pay $1 for a single pack of gum, and won’t even balk at that price.

One of my most valued products I sell at my coffee shop is a single bottle of water. I purchase 40 bottles for $6, and yet I’ve never had anyone question paying $1 for a single bottle. That’s where my idea started.

Anyone can easily purchase smaller items and flip them one at a time. It does however take time, but it makes for a great challenge.

The key to all of this is to then take any proceeds and use them for more purchases to flip. Within just a few days the cash will be growing as long as you don’t use it for dead end purchases.

I’ve used this same principle outside of a retail space by simply buying books or other small items and flipping them in Facebook Marketplace. If you start by flipping only $10 and keep flipping every dollar for 14 intervals you would end up with over $150,000.

It will however take time, but it is a valid source for income. Keep investing the proceeds or even a portion of the proceeds and you will see you money more than double in no time.

Keep small cash items in mind as it gets harder to flip the higher the cost; however it can be done.

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