Why do we need Essential Oils anyway?

I’ve been pondering this question the last few days and I think I’ve found the reason.

Gary Young revolutionized the Essential Oil market. You can go into any store and find something labeled as an Essential Oil. What gives?

Why did Gary dedicate the last 30+ years of his life searching for and using Essential Oils?

I believe that Gary was on a personal trek to discover something that could help himself and the entire world.

We all find ourselves searching for that 1 thing that will solve all of our “problems” yet it’s a useless search. We all have struggles, we all have sadness, we all experience joy, we all hope for something better.

All the while we keep searching when maybe, just maybe it’s not about that one thing, but it’s really simply about coping with life.

Don’t get me wrong there are many additional benefits to oils, but ultimately we NEED them as they offer comfort, support our health needs, give people a sense of purpose and ultimately help cope with life struggles.

I do not believe that Essential Oils are a replacement for God, but they are are gift that God has given for our enjoyment. They can’t replace the Hope we have in Him; however they can be a catalyst of hope on earth.

Prior to Gary’s death his wife Mary said that he asked for the oil called Trauma Life.

Trauma Life™ is a natural blend of pure Sandalwood, Helichrysum, Rose, and other essential oils designed to offer support during difficult emotional exploration.

Even in his dying hours Gary Young simply wanted comfort. His trek started by looking for something to help support his body and help with discomfort in his own body. His trek ended with the same reason I believe everyone and every home NEEDS Essential Oils.

Essential Oil use gives us the ability to cope with daily life and circumstances that are beyond our control. Whether happy or sad or in between we all desire comfort and NEED Essential Oils.

My wife Lora and I are independent distributors for Young Living Essential Oils. Member ID: 1529616




I’m an entrepreneur who has a deep love for God, my wife and my family.

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Brandon Gott

Brandon Gott

I’m an entrepreneur who has a deep love for God, my wife and my family.

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